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Top Drive

The use of a top drive system provides the operator substantial benefits over traditional Kelly drilling:

  • Drilling with 90 ft triple stands means fewer drill pipe connections, decreasing drilling time by up to 30%.
  • Greater control of directional drilling tools provides quicker tool orientation.
  • Reaming with triple drill pipe lengths leads to faster overall reaming.
  • Fewer connections and no Kelly bushing at the floor means safer, more efficient drill floors.


  • Power swivel adopts AC motors and it is driven by VFD system.
  • Power swivel adopts heavy duty propel bearings and special structure design that keep drill string from vibration.
  • Link tilt assembly of pipe handler can be forward or backward or rotating which is useful to grasp drill pipe and make main shaft closer to rig floor when drilling and make good use of drill pipe.
  • Pipe handler equipped with annular back up tong. Annular back up tong and IBOP don't rotate with the tilt.
  • The mechanical technology, electrical technology, hydraulic technology and information are integrated, improving the automatization level

Top Drive


8300 McHard Rd. Houston TX 77053


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