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Honghua can provide full series of 350HP-4000HP drawworks to meet the requirements of different rigs, with load capacity from 90 to 900 metric tons. Drawworks drive mode includes AC VF drive, DC SCR drive and mechanical drive respectively. One step parallel gear (or planetary gear) single shaft driven- AC VFD drawworks is reliable at work with small size, light weight and less maintenance work. Some drawworks also adopts AC motor to drive directly. The main brake is band brake or hydraulic disc brake. Auxiliary brake has been equipped with eddy current brake. The drawworks is also equipped with separate AC VF drive device and computer auto control system, as well as the auto bit feeding function, and the functions of real time control, monitoring and analysis of tripping in condition and drilling condition, to realize optimizing drilling operation.



8300 McHard Rd. Houston TX 77053


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