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Skidding System

To meet the requirements of drilling cluster wells, Honghua developed the rig step-by-step skidding device with its own patent. The whole set of skidding device is composed of skidding block, guide rails, horizontally-skidding hydraulic cylinder, jack-up hydraulic cylinder, base connecting unit and hydraulic control system. Its max capacity is 600 metric tons. Adopting four point supporting mode, it has high flexibility and fewer requirements for rig base flatness and bearing capacity, compared with continuous rail skidding type. With the characters of simple structure and easy operation, this device can realize the parallel and transversal skidding of drilling rigs. And it can also be used on many kinds of substructures. It can be equipped with specially-designed substructure to realize the smooth moving of the drilling rig from wellhead after Christmas tree installation. According to user's requirements, we can customize the extended cable tray, high pressure mud manifold and specially-designed mud tank pipeline for skidding cluster well operation. This skidding device can be equipped on the new rigs or existing rigs (upgrading or rebuilding).

Skidding System


8300 McHard Rd. Houston TX 77053


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