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Hydraulic Catwalk

Automated Catwalk from Honghua is designed to individually index horizontally racked drill collars, drill pipe and casing into a center carrier where they can be lifted to the drill floor. It can also handle subs, logging tools or any other tubulars safely and efficiently. Optional remote control capabilities make it possible for the unit to be operated from the drill floor or from ground level using a hand-held remote console.


  • Eliminates the necessity for handling of tubulars during pick up and lay down operations.
  • Infrared sensing technology with auto shutdown.
  • Auto activation/lockout of motion control devices.
  • Dual redundant winch cable design.


  • Designed to operate at a speed which will not impair rig efficiency.
  • Eliminates the need for pickup and lay down services.

The Automatic Catwalk is simple to use and is extremely robust. It combines innovative engineering and proven manufacturing techniques into a product that is designed for the optimum in personnel safety, virtually eliminating the need for manual handling of tubulars

Hydraulic Catwalk


8300 McHard Rd. Houston TX 77053


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