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Standard AC Rigs

  • User friendly touch screen integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls.
  • Improved drilling performance (40%- 65% time savings) over traditional rig.
  • Fewer, less cumbersome electrical connections ensure ease of rig up and rig down.
  • Improved motor and fuel efficiency through PLC technology.
  • Patented consistent WOB auto-drill technology.
  • HH' s digital driller provides automatic control of WOB, ROP and rotary torque.
  • State of the art data acquisition and on site communication.
  • Closed loop safety protection for traveling block on anti-collision.
  • Lower capital and maintenance expenses due to the elimination of mechanical or eddy current electric brake.
  • Various customized skidding system can be integrated for pad drilling.
  • Top drive compatible.


8300 McHard Rd. Houston TX 77053


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